Official website of Seattle-area actor and writer Nathaniel Jones

• Books •

Kung Fu Space Pirates of the Oberon Galaxy (PDF File)
Jim the Pirate's Quest for Adventure (Choose Your Own Adventure)
Messiah Complex (unfinished)
The Little Bear Theory of Life (unfinished)

• Scripts •
The Hero (full length screenplay) (PDF file)
The Fool and the Flying Ship

Head Lake
For Your Own Good
The Parental Press Conference
Mother's Day
The Bank Robber
Terminator: The Musical
Breaking Up is Hard to Do
One and Only (unfinished)
Box 13 (unfinished)
Ninja! (unfinished)
The Symbolism of Being Earnest
Hansel and Gretel
The Statue
Faundiana, The Canadian Princess
Rebel Without a Bra
Duff Conquers All
(Simpsons spec script) (PDF file)
The Plural of "Play" is "Plays"
Goofus and Gallant Teach Us About Communication
Thomas Hardy-Har-Har-Har
Who's The Lone Ranger?

• Stories •
The Harmonica
Where Are My Pants?
L.A. Guy
Hiatus Dessert is Not Good With Women
The Lollipop that Fought Back
Bald Barry and the Salty Sub
Jimbo's Jugular
How I Lost 30 Pounds in One Week
Male PMS
When I was Four

• Outdated Political Humor •
(written for Esther's Follies during the 2008 Presidential Primary)
Vice Presidential Prom-Com
The Smoke-Filled Room
Anything You Can Do
Ballroom Blitz
Convincing the Superdelegate
Hillary Clinton on Plagiarism
"Get Out, Hillary" Medley
John McAngry
John McCain is Old
Random Songs

• Poetry •
13 Ways of Looking at Pain
Working Hard / Hardly Working
Waffles in the Morning
The Bully and Timmy Thompson
Three Poems
The End

• Instant Entertainment •
Instant Hollywood Blockbuster
Instant Best-Selling Book Title
Instant Completely True Story

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