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Twilight: The Broodening
Twilight: The Broodening Sucks and Nathaniel Jones Sucks for Writing It
Twilight 2: Broodening Harder (Trailer)
Twilight 2: Broodening Harder (Movie)
Twilight 3: Electric Broodaloo! (Trailer)
Twilight 3: Electric Broodaloo! (Movie)

Harry Potter and the End of the Series
Legends of Hogwarts
Harry Potter and the Liberal Menace
Harry Potter and the Copyright Infringement
Voldemort's Day Out

Half-Assed Avatar Parody

The Room: The Musical

True Blood, Episode One

• Cartoons •
The Curse of the Singing Ghost
Illegal Ferret Salesman
Fashion Police
The Tardy Cow
The Flower Merchant
A Murder Most Foul
Wolverine is Sad
Little Fish
Snakes on a Plane: The Musical
Shout Hooray! It's Patriot's Day!
The Lesson of the Sad Stick Man Telethon Ad
Tree Top Danny meets Chipmunk the Squirrel
Tree Top Danny and the Best Friend
How to be a Bachelor
How to be a Bachelor 2
Jittery Pete VS the Wind
Short Partso Fit
Attack of the Sandwich
An Ode to Canada
A Brief Lesson on Hygiene
A Story about Love
The Warsome Foursome
'Cause I'm a Baby
Moses Goes Shopping

• Videos •
I'm on an Egg (music video)
Memorial Day weekend at Pedernales Falls
Nathaniel Jones Cuts his Own Hair
More Beans for Me
The Spirit of Christmas
A Loving Tribute to Nathaniel Jones
Happy Valentine's Day, Nathaniel Jones
Eddie von Bagman Vists USC
Eddie von Bagman Returns to USC

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