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• Radio Plays and Stories •

Darryll Hall's Thoughts
by Arch Obeler
Radio Play produced by Nathaniel Jones for his senior project at Western Washington University, Winter 2007.

Featuring Nathaniel Jones as Daryll Hall, Crystal Brooks as Mary, Cail Musick-Slater as Wayne, Megan Jackson as the Demon, with additional voices by Ryan Shupe and Mike Tilton.

by Nathaniel Jones
The thrilling adventure of one man's attempt to win the iditarod with the help of his trusty dog.

Tales of Terror
The Babysitter
1. Tailypo
2. Cabin Fever
3. Cold as Clay
4. Not in My Neighborhood
5. Ghostbusters Fanfiction
6. Dance With the Devil
7. The Headless Ghost
8. Ten Holes
9. The Woods
10. Missing Cell Phone
11. You Can't Get Out
12. Midnight Scare
13. The Cry
14. Ghastly

Stage Name: Danger!
by Nathaniel Jones
A thrilling new series about Dan Whitney, unemployed actor-turned-Private Eye.

Episode One
Episode Two

The Three Little Pigs
by Nathaniel Jones
Radio Play produced for the radio portion of Tech Lab
at Madrona K-8 School, 1997.

Featuring Ada Harrison as Pig #1, Amanda McLean as Pig #2, Elizabeth Bledsoe as Pig #3, Lindsey Oftedahl as Mother Pig, Lance "Burton" as the Big Bad Wolf, Ashley Aiken as the Man With Straw, the school janitor as the Man With Wood, Nathaniel Jones as the Narrator, Aaron Bludorn as the Announcer, Jason Hauglie as the Sound Man

101 Greatest Poop Jokes - The Audiobook
by Nathaniel Jones

• Songs•

I'm on an Egg (Seussical / "I'm on a Boat" parody)
Alone in the Hiphopiverse (seussical parody)
A Song for the Ladies
A Loving Tribute to Nathaniel Jones
Even #1 Goes #2
IM me ur <3
Tragically Unflawed
Shout Hooray - It's Patriot's Day!
If I Were A Lady

Theme from "Steve and Dog"

Hillbilly Chipmunk Sketches
Singing Chipmunk Possey
On Top of Old Smokey
Learnin' to Talk Italian
Dueling Chipmunks
Chipmunks Prepare a Christmas Play

Snakes on a Plane: The Musical: The Soundtrack
Opening Dialogue
The Captain's Welcome
A Free Man
The Assassin
Snakes on a Plane!
Bad Ass
The Assassin (reprise)
Love's on a Plane

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